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Boat Insurance

Protect your property on the water with a boat insurance policy that suits your needs.

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Looking for ship-shaped boat insurance?

Haven Knox-Johnston, a Howden company, are the crew who do boat insurance. They cover many different types of boats, so they're confident they’ll find the most suitable cover for all boat owners out there, whether it’s for private and pleasure craft, or light commercial use.

At Haven Knox-Johnston, they have dedicated in-house shipmates who only care about one thing, and that’s giving great customer service. You get straight through to a human being with none of that call centre stuff, and their Underwriters and Claims crew are all onboard too. You won't be passed around the houses (or marinas or boatyards for that matter!)

But ultimately, just know, that whether you need to make a claim, purchase a new boat policy or renew an existing one we’re here to help.

What boats do Haven Knox-Johnston cover:

  • Chances are if it floats, they’ll cover it! Get in touch with the crew on 057 8694069.

More about boat insurance

Boat insurance FAQs

What is boat insurance?

Just like car insurance, boat insurance provides a safety net when things aren’t always just plain sailing.  

As one of your most prized possessions, boat insurance can provide financial security and peace of mind against third-party claims, loss or damage to your prize and joy. Filing a claim with your insurer asks them to take care of the costs, and as long as the incident is covered, we pay for the losses or injuries up to your cover limits. 

Do I need boat insurance in Ireland?

Surprisingly not – maybe it’s our long nautical history of shipbuilding saints but boat insurance is not compulsory in Ireland. It might not be a legal requirement of all waterways, but the risk of another Titanic movie aside, we are talking about the potential damage to high value possessions and the possibility of injury. If that doesn’t make you watch out for impending icebergs, then most marinas require at least third-party liability (our Base Layer policy) as a minimum and waterway authorities often require proof of insurance to cruise. International territories including Spain, Italy and Greece require proof of the same. Luckily, we can supply you with relevant boat insurance documents to prove you have it. 

What does boat insurance cover?

As a general rule, boat insurance should cover your boat, other boats and anybody on board, but the level of cover is down to what policy you take.  

Our Base Layer (third party) cover offers security for pleasure sailing, covering third party claims against you and worst-case scenarios of injury and more. Or for the full bells, whistles and foghorns, our All Weather (all risks) policy covers you from fire, theft, vandalism, accidental damage, emergency medical expenses, personal accidents and a whole shipload more. 

As a handy guide, we have a list of our Important Documents highlighting what you can expect from our policies.  Or, to see a summary of both policies and what is/is not covered see below. 

Base Layer – this is 3rd party cover protecting others if they’re injured or their property is damaged on your watch.  

  • Cover for damage to any other vessel or property that you are legally liable to pay 
  • Cover for death and injury that you are legally liable to pay 
  • Cover for pollution that you are legally liable to pay 
  • Cover for emergency medical expenses and personal accidents 

All Weather covers your vessel, you and others for all sorts of things – please check your policy for the specifics.  

  • Cover for loss, damage, theft and third-party liability 
  • Agreed value policy 
  • Outboard Motors and tenders automatically covered up to £350 (or equivalent in euro/dollars at current exchange rate) based on current market value (increases available upon request) 
  • Personal Belongings automatically covered up to £1000 (or equivalent in euro/dollars at current exchange rate) without declaration (increases available)
  • No excess on claims that arise while your vessel is on its mooring in a marina 
  • No excess deducted for loss or damage claims caused by an uninsured third party 
  • Emergency Medical Expenses and Personal Accident cover is provided 
  • Contents cover available if you permanently live onboard your vessel 
  • Option to add Marine Legal Protection cover 

How much does boat insurance cost?

Boats may often be seen as a luxury but here, at Haven KJ, we see them as one of life’s essentials; that’s why our boat insurance is often much cheaper than people expect. 

Of course, (engine) size matters – as does age, maintenance, value, location, storage and use. However, you’ll find insuring a €100k yacht for normal use is a nautical yarn size cheaper than insuring a supercar at the same price.  

What boat insurance do I need?

The first question to ask yourself is what is on your boating wishlist this year? Which direction will the wind or currents take you, and are you planning any races to get there? 

All of these can impact the type of cover you require and whether our Base Layer policy or all risks policy will be the most suitable for your needs.  

What types of boats do you insure?

At Haven Knox-Johnston, we cover all sorts of vessels for including barges, dinghies motorboats, narrowboats, speedboats, commercial boats and yachts. Our award-winning crew will recommend the right boat insurance for you and your boating style. 

Dinghy insurance 

If you’re taking your dinghy out to sea, racing or just getting on the water, protect it with our specialist dinghy insurance. 

Narrowboat Insurance 

Our specialist narrowboat insurance has been designed to protect you in the event of a variety of risks on and off the water. 

Barge insurance 

Our barge insurance policies are designed to protect your barge, houseboat or narrowboat in the event of a claim. 

Commercial Boat Insurance 

Specialist commercial boat insurance designed for recreational, commercial and fishing charter boat owners. 

Inland Cruiser Insurance 

Our inland cruiser insurance provides the protection you need, when you want it most, for carefree cruising on the rivers and canals. 

Motorboat Insurance 

Our specialist motorboat insurance is designed to give you peace of mind when cruising along on your motorboat. 

RIB Insurance 

Get the protection you need when it comes to Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) insurance. Don’t leave anything to chance by choosing hard-working cover for a hard-working boat. 

Speedboat Insurance 

With our specialist speedboat insurance, you can venture out into the open water and check out the beautiful sights while being protected against unforeseen accidents. 

Yacht Insurance 

We offer yacht insurance to give you complete peace of mind while you’re on the open water. 

Whatever your boating style, give our friendly crew a call or try our simple-to-use quote and buy tool online. 

What does boat insurance not cover?

Like all the best relationships, you have to give your boat some regular care and attention; lack of upkeep, general wear and tear and improper storage of your boat could all affect your cover. Your insurance policy is not a maintenance contract. Check out Haven’s Helpful Hints for tips on how to remedy some of these!  

If you are an adventurous sort, it is also important to check that your boat insurance covers racing, offshore sailing and long-distance trips as well.  

Here are some of common exclusions, often found in boat insurance policies: 

  • If the vessel is outside the cruising range shown in the certificate of insurance unless required to safeguard the vessel, you or your guests. 
  • If the vessel is used for charter, hire or commercial letting unless agreed by us. 
  • Any act or omission of the person in charge of the vessel if impaired following the consumption of alcohol or drugs. 
  • Losses occurred from terrorism, war, civil war, conflict, commotion and riot. 
  • Losses occurred from ionising radiation from or contamination by radioactivity. from any nuclear fuel or any nuclear waste or from the combustion of nuclear fuel. 
  • Losses occurred from any chemical, biological, bio-chemical, or electromagnetic weapon.
  • If the vessel is used for racing unless agreed by us. 

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the new name for Aston Lark

On October 1st, Aston Lark completed its merger with Howden. For Aston Lark clients, the service remains the same, via your usual contacts. Aston Lark phone numbers and email addresses will continue to work.

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